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A description of the project and the works presented.

Formal writing– A Journal review of a T.V drama-The Tudors, a higher education level of writing. I have the skill to understand complicated writing and turn it into clean, simple, punchy and well paced work that will maximise your audience and keep them interested.

Published Non-Fiction Narrative Writing– lifestyle, education, nature and science- on Medium, LinkedinPulse and ContenaPublish. I can write on a variety of topics with creativity and humour and publish monthly blogs from my web page using WordPress and basic SEO.                                                                                  

I love to study the art of writing from published authors and freelancers and enjoy a wide variety of reading in places like The Write Life, The Sun Magazine, ProWritingAid and many more…See my blog posts too.

Writing is an art form. I know how to add clarity, elegance, structure, tone and variety to create writing that stands out from the crowd, connects with people’s feelings and  entices your audience to come back for more.

Blog writing– A lifestyle blog powered by WordPress- written to entertain, inform and showcase my writing and artwork. You can see my blogging content and design skills. Check out my blog above!                                                                                                                  Need a blog creating? Want content writing for your blog? Get in touch!

Avatars– I have your back covered! I’ll look for your style, tone, audience, pain and mission, to deliver content to you that gives you creative solutions and outstanding results.

Photography, Illustration, Artwork- A practicing artist and active member of my local art club. (BA Hons.) Fine Art- Print and Time-based media (video editing, art installation and narrative film work). View some of my  art work above!

Other skills– A ‘creative and reflective’ qualified primary school teacher, (2011). I have an in-depth knowledge of children, special needs and education. I teach English language and grammar remotely to China, (2017- Present). So you can be confident in my writing and grammar skills, my skill in meeting deadlines and my motivation to work under my own steam, remotely.


Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to Perfection – Course completed on Jun 4, 2020 (4 hours 41 min.) by Shani Raja, Editor, Writer, Trainer, Journalist (The Wall Street Journal).

Writing with Flair – How to Become an Exceptional Writer: Course completed May 2020 (5 hours 8 mins.) by Shani Raja.

Contena Academy Completion. 2020.

Linkedin- Resume and Education- 2:1 B.A. Hons Fine Art- time-based media. B.A Teaching & Learning Support and QTS.


Studying illustration as a hobby. My mission is to learn more about BTC and BTB Copywriting, S.E.O and how to optimise content for business. Watch this space!

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