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Escape with the Porthole Peeper

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Touch Your Lifestyle

Don’t Look Back!

There is a sacrifice in changing your lifestyle. Beautiful! I have it for a moment. Then, it is gone! In a breath. The water drains away down the sink plughole. A light is switched off. We close the door for the last time. I say goodbye. I cry a little inside, deep down in my heart. The last time we will close our gate. “Don’t look back”, I hear a voice deep within say.

See Your Lifestyle

Here Today Gone Tomorrow

A youthful girl leans out on the railing of one such yacht, standing at the helm like a figurehead, she shouts orders to the equally teenage looking captain, brandishing her arms around frequently, while they turn it in a tight circle, a frenzy of activity, but only to park their expensive toy, unadventurous, back in the parking lot.

Hear Your Lifestyle

A Late Night Visitor

The screech of a hunting owl with lamp-lit oracles soars in silence and solitude, across a black field of whispering grasses. The dull thump of a fish against the steel hull as it rises- to emerge, again slips back into the mire’s darkest depth. No one stirs.

Challenge Your Lifestyle

A Limestone Quarry and a Slap in the Face

I trot up and down the canal towpath this way and that, thrusting my phone high in the air while trying to recover its performance. But far from showing a much-desired upwards surge; its revival is not going well. The great lime-stone quarry surrounding me, which blocks my mobile signal, is here to stay.

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