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I Totally Unplugged at a Hot BBQ in the Woods!

Sizzling Summer Socials- off the grid-dle.

How to party outdoors. I totally unplugged in the woods at a hot BBQ. Summer socials go off-grid with BBQs all around Britain, as temperatures soar to record breaking highs. The fire crackles as orange flames lick at ten fat dripping sausages, popping now and again as they burst their taught browned skins. Marshmallows are …

Off-grid wireless internet- Can you 100% surf anywhere?

A Limestone Quarry and a Slap in the Face. Do you have off-grid wireless internet problems? It’s so incredibly annoying when your off-grid wireless World Wide Web technology won’t work, isn’t it? To discover upon rising early with good intentions for the day ahead, you can’t get on with the immediate tasks facing you because …

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