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The Porthole Peeper is a lifestyle blog about off-grid living on a canal boat. Go to my most popular post at elizabethwriter.com

Jane is a freelance content writer for magazines, websites and blogs.

  • Native British English
  • Creative Content Writing
  • Content Marketing Strategy by UCDavis
  • Contena Academy Completionist
  • Yoast SEO Certified
  • Website Design powered by WordPress- author of The Porthole Peeper at elizabethwriter.com
  • Research & Editing
  • Open to part-time, remote, entry-level work.

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Academic Writing 

a journal review

Blog Writing

The Porthole Peeper

Fascinating True Short Stories- a constant cruising off-grid lifestyle guide you won’t want to miss!

Social Reel for Blog- By Jane Firth


Wheel of Persuasion- Jane Firth.

Avatars & Customer Understanding 

Sales Page

Market Audience, Style, Voice, Success and Pain


Time Based Media- Jane Firth

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