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Living off-grid anywhere, is a challenge!

How to live off-grid on a tiny narrow boat and survive on the water is a question you’ll need some answers to, before you take the plunge!

But the rewards of living off-grid can be life changing, while giving you the freedom you only dream of.

You want to escape the loop right? Drop the goods & … Run!

If you don’t mind ditching your attachment to material objects and living with constant change you might make it. Then, try problem solving your way through difficult times while also keeping a positive, goal driven outlook…

Are you stretchy enough to jump out the net?

It’s called tenacity- Like elastic, you spring back into shape after being stretched and let go. Sounds uncomfortable? Well it is! So, if you’re not good at being stretched, then on a boat you soon have to learn how. It’s a little like being dropped into a jungle and left to work it out! Are you ready to begin thinking about an unconventional lifestyle?

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Follow my monthly blog to see how, three years in, I’m coping with that life changing decision. Could you let go of the material objects you’ve got attached to? How do I love my new life on an off-grid narrow boat now? Not everyone survives!

How to live off-grid- Learn the Secrets of a Boater’s Life.

So, what are you waiting for? How to Live Off-Grid on a Narrowboat & Survive- The Been There, Done It, Good Read Guide!

How to live off-grid on the hottest day of the year!

What’s it like to move from a big house to a tiny barge?

Is Winter freezing cold an a steel boat?

Do you get internet if you constantly cruise?

Can pets survive on a boat?

Click on your question or search to find answers…

“He who becomes the slave of habit,

who follows the same routes every day,

who never changes pace,

who does not risk and change the color of his clothes,

who does not speak and does not experience,

dies slowly.” ― Pablo Neruda

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