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Where gritty truth meets with beautiful narrative on an off-grid canal boat…

Lancaster Canal UK

Jane Elizabeth Firth

Freelance Writer

I write remotely from my boat on the beautiful Lancashire canal.

Jane is a content writer for magazines, websites and blogs, also open to write copy for business. Excellent research skills. Deep editing skills.


Content Writing-WordPress

I created my own writer web-page and a blog, The Porthole Peeper– a monthly written post of my canal boat adventures.


I know how to optimise content for key words, find and incorporate back-links, write great headlines and bylines with a hook, keep readers engaged through use of style, form and content… and can organise content for social media posts.

My next mission- learn more about SEO content strategies. How to write copy for B2B and B2C audience.

Creative Writing Skills

Writing with Flair: How to Become an
Exceptional Writer

Course completed on May 13, 2020 • 5 hours 8 min-Editor, Writer, Trainer, Journalist-Shani Raja is a deeply experienced editor and writing trainer.

Editing Skills-

Pro-Writing Aid

Editing Mastery: How to Edit Writing to

Course completed on Jun 4, 2020 • 4 hours 41 min-Editor, Writer, Trainer, Journalist-Shani Raja.

Use of Pro-Writing Aid- editing software.

Scrivener, WordPress, MS Word, Publisher, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere-video editing

Content writing– Recent published content on Medium, Contena Publish-front page, Linkedin Pulse and my own website-The Porthole Peeper. Successful pitch to The Old School Magazine, USA.

Art and Design-BA Hons Fine Art-Time based Media-2:1. BTEC Foundation Art and Design. BA Teaching Support & QTS-Primary.

Me now


2018 – Present

Categorically not a Primary school teacher any more! I now live and travel, along with my husband, on a fifty foot narrow boat- a beautiful location for my remote writing! This is the inspiration for publishing ‘The Porthole Peeper’. Peeping Tom’s paradise it isn’t! But a monthly, narrative, lifestyle blog! Go to and join me!

Reading from a wide range of publications -The Sun Magazine,, The Economist Today, Chicken Soup for the Soul…on current affairs, news and lifestyle…I’m up to date and aware of the world. I enjoy learning about effective writing techniques, and often take part in meetings with authors and successful freelancers on Auto Crit, ProWritingAid and The Write Life. I’m also pursuing an online course in illustration to further fuel my creative instincts and I’m a weekly member of my local Art Club.

I teach Chinese children remotely and with weird and wonderful friends from around the world I frequently enjoy Indian, Mexican and Chinese food. I’m an avid supporter of drinking raw milk- much needed to help digest all the chillies!

One of my best ever experiences- travelling across much of Europe for a month in a V.W. Camper when I was ten years old. I wish I’d had a camera!

I hope to explore travelling far and wide again.

Interested in writing about:

Lifestyle, Travel, Food, Culture, Art and Design, Film and Time Based-Media, History, Geography, Current Affairs, Education…

The Porthole Peeper

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Phone Number on request. Native Language-British English. Residence-Lancashire, Cumbria, UK.

Let’s make something together.