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Why You Need These Top 40 Most Useful Boat Hacks!

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a sunken boat

How to Survive- Best Boat Kitchen Interior Hustles

Canal boat Interiors can get messy.
Follow your heart, but take your brain with you. What Boat Interior Hustles do you need to know before you begin a re-build? Small Boat Interiors- The Reality! A narrowboat interior re-jig is like climbing Everest. Narrowboats are... yep, you got it- Narrow! Be advised then, about boat renovations- if you are excited talking partners when you move onto a …

Butter is bad for you, right? Wrong!

Going organic off-grid Butter is bad for you because the fat clogs your arteries right? So that's why you switched to margarine. Take a closer look at this full-fat spread which was ushered out during the Second World War, and you might just change your mind. Who Invented Butter? Are you a middle-aged caveman? Then you'll remember real butter! That rock-hard spread in its …
Butter is bad for you, right? Wrong! I love butter.

How to Explain Magnet Fishing to Your Boss

Digging for treasure
Here's What Really Matters in Magnet Fishing is a humorous and descriptive story about this unusual canal hobby.

"New Year off the grid works for me. It can work for you, too!"

Nightmare Christmas! Sound familiar? I get it- you've met with the Grinch, and he's out to ruin yet another festive holiday
New Year sparkler against blue sky- on a mountain top off grid.
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