How to Make Tiny Room Design Work

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How to handle small space decor

Open your tiny boat up with white rooms and one or two continuous colours. Accentuate verticals for height. Create width and light with a mirror opposite a window- illuminating the outdoors and bringing in the surrounding nature.

A dark or brightly coloured small room can accentuate a bigger-looking, lighter-coloured room beyond.

De-cluttering is key so don’t go for too many colours and patterns- one or two hues. Neighbours on the colour wheel or opposites to add contrast are best.

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Best Tiny Space Design Ideas

Keeping a small home tidy is the biggest challenge- believe me- I know. So opt for clever storage design ideas.

A bookcase incorporated into a stairway, or at the end of a chest under the bed is a great way to save on room.

Open up the feeling of space by removing walls that block light and create a view through the length of your house. Mirrors- like windows, strategically placed, widen narrow widths like corridors.

I love these awesome space-saving design ideas from Bored Panda. Take a look here:

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Double Your Living Space

Do you remember transformers?- My brother had one- a toy metal rocket with wings and I thought it was cool. Try a settee which transforms into a bunk-bed and a workspace, or a table that folds into the wall to display a framed artwork.

Giant Jenga-like soft cubes can be stacked to shape comfy chairs and a table, or a bed. Low furniture creates height. Flowing colour adds to the length. Create beautiful wooden floors from stern to bow.

The joy of a small space is that you can choose quality pieces that give a sense of no expense spared, like a waxed oak worktop.

The walls are so minimal on my houseboat that you can brush these with tester-sized pots of paint in no time at all.

Experiment with tiles, textiles, prints and nature. Bring the outside in. Use the hues seen out of windows for continuity. If you get the colour wrong it’s so quick to paint over a small wall again.

Tiny Room Design- Be Creative

Be excited about your colours and designs. Experimenting is easy because it’s so simple to redo a tiny space if the effect doesn’t work. So let go of your creative flair and have some fun.

Make statement pieces to draw the eyes towards. Treat your small home like an organic artwork- balancing line, tone, light and texture as you go.

Narrowboats enjoy traditions- so paint castle scenes or roses in bright primary colours on coal scuttles, boxes or doors. Incorporate natural wooden walls, ceilings and floors.

White walls make miniature spaces look bigger and more modern. Use colourful patterned furnishings to warm the space up and to give your home some character.

Homes and Gardens have some great tips for using patterns and bold colours to your advantage in your tiny dwelling if you’re brave enough!

Check out these vibrant vistas here: Small room ideas:

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How to- Tiny Room Design-Hold on to Your Vision

How do you make small space design work?- Just keep moving forward one step at a time. If you keep the revamp progressing, you’ll be surprised how great leaps forward are made in even a few weeks.

Take breaks and return the mess to normality for breathing spaces in-between the chaos. This is really important if you live on something as small as a boat.

Often small spaces have to be developed organically. But don’t lose sight of your finished goal. And remember, we can do great things when we pull together.

I hope you can now make a wiser decision about how to go about achieving your dream project. Go informed, and do better.

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