How to Make Tiny Room Design Work

microphotography of orange and blue house miniature on brown snail s back

Honest living on a Narrowboat

Tiny Room Design- black and brown snail shell on beige textile
Tiny Room Design- The Snail’s House. Photo by monicore on

How do you make tiny room design ideas work? The majority of Brits don’t know what it’s like to live on a houseboat, let alone to give a tiny space like a narrowboat a revamp.

What’s more, most entrepreneurs who love the idea of a boating lifestyle will give up their dream before their grafting ever bears fruit.

But you want that dream lifestyle, right? And you don’t want to set out only to become disappointed. So how do you know you are ready to embark on such a project?

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Houseboats are one of the most challenging spaces to overhaul. If you live on the boat too, God Help You. You’ll soon begin asking, “Why the hell did I choose to take on a project so BIG?”

I squeeze my bosom between the sliding toilet door and the king-size mattress now wedged in the two-foot-wide corridor, I’m stuck.

The air is pushed out of my lungs and my frown deepens with two devil’s fork-like indents between my eyes- embossed forever; I’ve had enough!

Whose idea was it to live on a bloody boat? Well, to make matters harder to swallow I know this was my own idiotic suggestion. 

Losing Sight of the Tiny Room Design

Our dream home has evaporated from my mind. The project is taking much longer than the length of my patience which is now 50 feet shorter than the barge I reside on.

A frayed relationship, tough fibrous muscles, an agonizing ache in my lower back- oh how I need a massage, that holiday on a sunny beach a million miles away…

As I climb a mountain of clothes dumped in the remaining boat galley, I wipe an angry tear away and the snot on my arm- because I no longer care how I look.

A Small Space Dilemma

The bed’s hinges are attached and the weighty bed frame is raised, “Progress, look it works”, my husband celebrates. We lift the bed to reveal a hidden world.

Spider’s webs, thick dust-coated boxes of four-year forgotten treasures. The vacuum cleaner sucks up these layers of life until its capacity can take no more- the little darling reverse blowing the dirt into my face, gritty bits swallowed and coughed up.

Ready to Throw in the Wellies

What would you do? Stop whining and get on with it. Book a holiday and join Shirley Valentine. My fuse is short. Every selfish bone in my body enters the rattling bitter rebellion.

We’re not talking. These silent times are when you most need a break. A hot bubble bath would be nice. A day at a friend’s house. A game of CRAZY golf or a day in Blackpool- fish and chips on the beach. A place with acres and lots of air.

Keeping a Positive outlook

We toil till the boat is ordered again 1, 2, 3 as if nothing had happened. The space comes back together. Why the meltdown?-It’s a blip in time. We’ve moved on a step. Another job is crossed off the list. There’s an end to it all.

Imagine again. See the future. Inspiration returns- the artist awakes. We’re on a journey me and you, together.

Holding on to your dream is like grabbing a hold of the tail of a kite as it rushes past you… maintaining a grip as the kite climbs, somersaults and whips wildly around trying to shake you free.

And what do you do once your goal is complete? Why, you become restless and make another plan, because we need to keep hoping.

Tiny Room Design- Plan Ahead

The blueprint, a map- is what holds you together, stops your cheese slipping off your cracker, and pins your goals. When the mayhem overwhelms you the route is etched firm.

Like a true treasure map, pointing the way to the gold. The vision is held clear-cut and vivid coloured, suspended in the air. You can do anything you want to, one foot in front of the other, doing the walk of life, one step at a time.

Making Space in your Tiny Room Design

He’s good at his skill and I mine. Make room for me and I for you. Wait, because your time will come around. A joint venture, a place shared, a plan made together, a relationship repaired. Make space for each other.

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