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This is me on my narrow boat on the Lancaster canal in North West England.

Welcome to The Porthole Peeper!

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The Porthole Peeper

Where Lifestyle meets Logistics

Fed up of the same old routine? Stuck in a rut? Never go anywhere interesting anymore? Tired of working full time just to pay your expensive bills? I felt the same way, until I made a healthy life changing decision!

I sold my share in a house of bricks and mortar and moved on, to a more interesting way of life. It took guts to do it! You have to give up some material comforts. So why do it? You can have more fun! Go new places! Learn new things! Meet different characters…There is an undiscovered world out there waiting for you! Start living your life!

Photo on Unsplash

I was liberated of all those objects that weigh you down, so now I can move when I want, where I want. Now I don’t have many material objects to get rid of if I want to move on. You can be free too! How would you like to move your house somewhere new without packing? Just pick it all up and take it with you- It’s as easy as that!

How do I change my lifestyle? What is living off-grid really like and how do you live on a narrow boat? How can you work and live afloat? How much does it cost?..

OK, I know it’s a bit scary, I had lots of logistical questions too! It takes a leap of faith. I jumped straight in! But I didn’t drown and I truly believe it’s worth it. It certainly costs less than keeping a house and if you don’t like your new life, guess what? You are free now, just move!

As a lifestyle influencer I want to share with you the up’s and down’s of an off-grid life, living aboard my narrow boat. Honest, real experience, the joy and the struggles, from the beginning of my three year journey to now. It doesn’t have to be a boat. You might choose a van or another small space, a tree house… use your imagination! Is it just you, or do you carry a family? One size doesn’t fit all! My stories are just as relevant, whatever you choose.

Why Lifestyle is important

Ever felt like you are a ‘Square Peg in a Round Hole? Have you lost your own voice in all the noise? Do you know who you are? What are you good at? What were you meant to be?

I’d like to help you find happiness and to live a purposeful life with room to build hopes and dreams. I want to answer your questions. But, I will challenge your mindset- the one that holds you back!

Lifestyle or Life Style?

Oh! And did I mention it, I like to scribe beautiful words for you! I love to entertain you with humour! I’m excited to explore new places, peoples and things- to share new experiences with you. I’m an artist! My core purpose for this lifestyle blog is to hold on to the freedom to be creative; not to be a media whore who’s sole purpose is to create click bait! A platform for spontaneous and original material. My changed lifestyle has opened new doors for me. I’m beginning to know who I really am, instead of trying to be some-one or some-thing else. I hope you can find your calling too!

Creative, interesting, quick, fresh monthly reads- ‘the narrative lifestyle text book’- there’s no room for boredom here!

Here’s the blog!

Fresh, Fun, Five Minute Reads

What is a healthy lifestyle?

A healthy body, happiness, less possessions, more time, dream job, travel, friends all around the world, freedom…

Whatever your goals- Be inspired!

Take a step towards working out your dream!

Take a ‘Quack’ Break! Live like a Duck?

A Floating Lifestyle…

Living with Nature

True narrow-boat stories in a beautifully written monthly blog, to help you on your way..

Share my journey..
Peep Through my Porthole!

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He who becomes the slave of habit,
who follows the same routes every day..


who never changes pace, who does not risk and change the color of his clothes..

Photo on Unsplash


who does not speak and does not experience,
dies slowly.

Die Slowly by Pablo Neruda
Photo on Unsplash

Watch out for the ‘Dream Crushers’!

There are lots of people out there who will question your motives, dismiss your ideas, flood you with lifestyle logistics and negatives; squash your creativity! Some are just looking out for you- they care. But do something different and it’ll ‘rock their boat’! One or two might be jealous. Other’s just see their own dreams, which may be very different to yours. Remember, your ideas need to be shared, compromised on, built together- where there are two-or more of you.

Most of all, I want to hear your ideas and thoughts. What do you want to know? Maybe you’ve hit challenging times that demand a change? You’ve had a great idea and want to try it? If you have a question or a comment- Whatever your journey-share it!

Email me, Follow me Comment or Share.

I won’t spam you. I will remind you when my blog is out at the beginning of the month. It’s free. Enjoy!

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