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  • Plunge Into Business Success As A Digital Nomad

    Digital nomad success requires dedication and discipline. Get your remote business off to a flying start with these tidy tips!

  • off-grid electricity for mobile homes is challenging.

    Travelling Off-Grid with My Dirty Little Generator: A Bargee’s Perspective

    Discover the joys and challenges of travelling off-grid, living in a mobile home. From the convenience of home comforts to the struggles of dirty electricity, it’s a journey worth taking. Travelling off-grid- What are the most important things needed to live a good life? Moving off-grid and maintaining your electricity supply for a mobile home…

  • Nettle omelette made with eggs, cheese, spring onion, bacon and blanched nettle leaves.

    Beyond Nettle Tea: Creative Ways to Incorporate Stinging Nettles into your Diet

    Discover the incredible health benefits of stinging nettle, from anti-inflammatory properties to high nutritional value. Stinging nettle benefits are tremendous! A sore tongue or a swollen throat would not be beneficial at all, so it is necessary to blanch the nettles in boiling water first! But wait around to find out why you should make…

  • microphotography of orange and blue house miniature on brown snail s back

    How to Make Tiny Room Design Work

    The majority of Brits don’t live on a houseboat. So you think it would be fun to give your tiny room a makeover? Jump aboard!

  • photo of a woman kayaking

    Can I Take My Little Boat on the Canal?

    Where can you take your little boat this summer? Dive in and find out!

  • Canal boat Interiors can get messy.

    How to Survive- Best Boat Kitchen Interior Hustles

    Follow your heart, but take your brain with you. What Boat Interior Hustles do you need to know before you begin a re-build? Small Boat Interiors- The Reality! A narrowboat interior re-jig is like climbing Everest. Narrowboats are… yep, you got it- Narrow! Be advised then, about boat renovations- if you are excited talking partners…

  • Butter is bad for you, right? Wrong! I love butter.

    Butter is bad for you, right? Wrong!

    Going organic off-grid Butter is bad for you because the fat clogs your arteries right? So that’s why you switched to margarine. Take a closer look at this full-fat spread which was ushered out during the Second World War, and you might just change your mind. Who Invented Butter? Are you a middle-aged caveman? Then you’ll remember…

  • Digging for treasure

    How to Explain Magnet Fishing to Your Boss

    Here’s What Really Matters in Magnet Fishing is a humorous and descriptive story about this unusual canal hobby.

  • New Year sparkler against blue sky- on a mountain top off grid.

    “New Year off the grid works for me. It can work for you, too!”

    Nightmare Christmas! Sound familiar? I get it- you’ve met with the Grinch, and he’s out to ruin yet another festive holiday

  • Halloween Horrors- Most Odd 11 Dreads of the Cut!

    Plastic Boats- a Halloween Horror with Chardonnay One of the Odd 11 Most Dreaded Halloween Horrors of the Cut- this one belongs in Monaco! Let me introduce you to Her Royal Majesty, who sits perched high up on a stool at the cruiser’s stern, so stiff her pale makeup will crack if she smiles; I…

  • Wind Turbines and Narrow Boats

    Windmills, ghosts and giants? Yikes! Wind turbines and narrowboats- yes, you too can be 100% off-grid on a boat! The great and gentle whooshing of blades towers over the odd green hill and windy salt sea flat like gentle giants. Even close up, they make only a discreet sound. At first glimpse one appears grey…

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